Emma Paperdoll: Costume 03

Emma's third costume is another overdress style ensemble. Worn over a white dress, this yellow overdress is decorated with a print pattern and ribbon ties. Emma wears this costume to her dinner party which the film uses as an introduction to several important characters and plot points. Miss Bates makes her entrance full of verbose... Continue Reading →


Emma Paperdoll: Costume 02

Been listening to an Emma audiobook as I work lately and have noticed things in the book that I never have before. Did you know that Emma's eyes are hazel in the book?! “Such an eye!—the true hazle eye—and so brilliant! regular features, open countenance, with a complexion! oh! what a bloom of full health,... Continue Reading →

Emma Paperdoll: Costume 01

First costume for my newly redesigned Emma paperdoll! I must say that redrawing a costume definitely has its perks. 😉 Emma wears this lovely striped overdress and white muslin to Miss Taylor's wedding in the 1996 Miramax adaptation. The overdress has a small brown clasp, and the simple white gown has the nice touch of... Continue Reading →

New Emma Paperdoll Design

After working (and not working *^^*) on my Emma Woodhouse paperdoll for a while, I decided that I wasn't 100% pleased with the design and style I was using. I guess its a prime example of always discarding your first work and posting your second ;). So, I started playing around with Emma's design a... Continue Reading →

The past year has been busy and filled with new ideas, dreams, and goals! Finishing up school has definitely taken up most of my time, but I've learned so many principles that I am excited about putting into practice. 😀 Perhaps one of the hardest things about working toward goals is staying focused and organized.... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journaling Stickers

I've been getting into the bullet journal craze. 😀 Trying to be a little more organized to keep myself from getting overwhelmed (and burnt!) from all the work I need to get done. Here's a peek at a few pages from my bullet journal...and some freebie stickers to make life easier for you too! ;)... Continue Reading →

Emma Paperdoll: An Introduction

Finally finished this third costume for Emma. ^^" This gown is worn by Emma at her dinner party when she introduces Harriet Smith to Mr. Elton. I couldn't find a good close-up of Emma's gown...so I made up the pattern...ah well...;) Click on the link below to download. 🙂 Check out the paperdoll! Costume 01 -... Continue Reading →

Process of Illustration

Been working on some clipart for Charlotte's Web. This is just a peak at my design process. 🙂 Research! The most important step of any project, at least for me, is research. Who are the main characters of Charlotte's Web? Does the author give any physical descriptions? What kind of spider is Charlotte? (unfortunately I... Continue Reading →

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