Bullet Journaling Stickers

I’ve been getting into the bullet journal craze. 😀 Trying to be a little more organized to keep myself from getting overwhelmed (and burnt!) from all the work I need to get done. Here’s a peek at a few pages from my bullet journal…and some freebie stickers to make life easier for you too! 😉

For the month page, I’ve been going with a flower theme (based on the month’s flower). September was asters, and October was marigolds.


I made a sticker template for the month calendar –just have to fill in the numbers each month. 🙂 For my weekly spreads, I made some banner stickers for the days of the week and a ‘this week’s goals’ sticker.


I’ve been having fun giving a theme to each week’s spread. Nothing elaborate –just a quick sketch and motivational quote. ;). The Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan themes were some of my favorites.


No bullet journal (for me)  is complete with out a doodle page! 😉 Just stick the doodle sticker on a page and instant doodle sheet. yay!


I’ve been having fun creating tracker pages for the shows I’m watching. Haven’t made any stickers for these pages yet–still thinking of how I can simplify this setup with stickers. ^^”


Here’s a preview of my stickers that you can download below.


So what are your tricks to getting your bullet journal setup smoothly? 😀

Bullet Journal Month Stickers (includes calendar, days of week, and mini tracker stickers)


Bullet Journal Starter Stickers (includes banners, index, and collection stickers)



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