New Emma Paperdoll Design

After working (and not working *^^*) on my Emma Woodhouse paperdoll for a while, I decided that I wasn't 100% pleased with the design and style I was using. I guess its a prime example of always discarding your first work and posting your second ;). So, I started playing around with Emma's design a... Continue Reading →


Emma Paperdoll: An Introduction

Finally finished this third costume for Emma. ^^" This gown is worn by Emma at her dinner party when she introduces Harriet Smith to Mr. Elton. I couldn't find a good close-up of Emma's I made up the pattern...ah well...;) Click on the link below to download. 🙂 Check out the paperdoll! Costume 01 -... Continue Reading →

Emma: A Lucky Guess

Second costume for Emma! This white gown is worn by Emma after the wedding with a lace shawl. I had some trouble with the lace shawl...but I think it turned out tolerable...^^" Definitely need to  remember to practice drawing lace. Click on the link below to download the costume. 🙂 Check out the paperdoll! Costume... Continue Reading →

Emma: A Match Well Made

Finished the first costume for Emma! The Miramax adaptation begins with Mrs. Weston's (Miss Taylor) wedding. Emma wears a white gown with a striped overdress. It's a very short scene, but, thankfully, there were a few good shots of the costume. ^^" The bottom of the dress was never shown, so I improvised a bit.... Continue Reading →

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